On game editions, BF sales and goals in game in general.

This black friday sales got me thinking…

Around five weeks ago I finally purchsed EFT after receiving their newsletter since 2015. While doing so, I knew that I can later upgrade if I like the game, so I bought the basic edition, which still costs the same as an AAA title (including the VAT). A bold move from BSG, especially when the feedback and reviews said that the game is still riddled with bugs and you basically pay to be a beta tester. But this post is not about that, I want to share with you my opinion and ask for yours on the game packages.

Ignoring the price, I was about to upgrade and still have until tomorrow to do so. That was until I was trying to decide, to which version…

I only play alone (mostly because I don't want to wake my wife or daughter up) and thus take my own pace. This is my first wipe, so the start was a bit slow. Usually out of 5 hours of gameplay, I spent maybe an hour in raids and the rest with organizing stash, trying to figure out what to keep, watching EFT related videos and reading Gamepedia. After I got my bearings, it was clear that my first goal will be to make it to lvl 10 to access flea market, upgrade my stash and be able to do all the weapon porn we all like in EFT.

The basic stash of 10×28 is miniscule, especially in the beginning. I could imagine being fine with it, once I am in the lategame, having the hideout maxed and just purchasing what I need for my next raid but in the beginning, especially not knowing what is what, it was a bit frustrating. So the first of my discoveries was that Fence sells broken armored rigs. Those were the cheapest stash expanders I could get my hands on without a flea market and so I was fishing for AVS and Skanda rigs that offered around a double space compared to what they took, they were sold quite regularly and I could get them in the range from 70k all the way to 8k roubles. Marvelous, I cheated the system I thought.

Once the flea market opened for me, I got the lucky scav box, ammo and magazines containers, fridge and a med case. I felt like a king, so much free space!

The next big step was the beta container from Peacekeeper. That took some grinding, but by that time I knew how to make decent cash, so I bought all the parts from the FM. Et voila! Beta container. It felt awesome!

The latest step on my journey was the Stash lvl2. I was really looking forward to that one as it gave me some breathing space, since I'm such a hoarder and it was cheaper than the items and weapons cases that I will purchase in the future. The hunt for Epsilon case will be a long one for me, unless I get extremely lucky with all the PMC kills, but I might get there before the wipe and it will feel awesome again.

Why am I bothering you with all these details you could happily live without? To explain what I would miss by upgrading my game account. It literally makes more sense for me and my personal playstyle to keep it cheap, as it will give me this feeling of satisfaction the next wipe around again. I would like the 0.2 rep to start with and bigger stash makes life easier, but having e.g. the EoD edition would steal all these moments of a small victory from me. What would I be aiming for? Not having an issue with stash space or limited secure container would leave me with quests (and I would do them just and only to save on weapon parts) as they are not that immersive and while doing so, you need to fight PvE AND PvP.

I might end up with some of the in-between editions but I realized that buying the EoD would basically make me not play the game with such enthusiasm and later, as a result, probably not at all.

What is your take on this?

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