On the morality of trapping vs. stalling/jail…

Reference: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/ps8n97/preach_everyone_in_twine_needs_to_read_this/

Cool blog post and all but, from a guy that plays public without a second thought, boldly stepping into 4 man 160s with no idea who I am going to be matched with, jail building is 100% public at this point. Damage solo, because you are going to get pooped on in High Twine. I have no idea what happens in lower level missions. I don't play many of them because there is usually little reason for me to.

Last two weeklies I ran for superchargers jail builds were used 20 out of 20 missions. There is no communication. Invariably somebody high tails it to the objective and starts pumping out a stall/jail build.

I will accept that perhaps I live in some randomly strange bad luck void and am the only person in Save the World that sees this. Bit unlikely though.

The only way I see damage in 160s is if I run with a buddy and we just start building and the other two have no choice but to go along, or get out. Or play private. And not surprisingly, odds are pretty good the constructor leaves once he gets to the objective and sees damage going up.

Enough blogging and community PR. Make a decision and fix it or leave it already. This is dumb, and has been for going on two years.

Pontificating about the morality of trapping or stalling is a waste of time. Humans are gonna human, and that means the easiest method available is going to be used, in public.

For the record I do not enjoy the absolute perfection the stall/jail META has turned into. It's boring as F all, and I do hope it gets nerf batted into oblivion. I did not spend in excess of two years collecting weapons and traps and leveling them up to sit around and watch UbErFaZeDeAthKiL9000 sit on top the objective while a soundwall/retarded husk pathing exploit gets abused.

And while I am tearing ass with a big 'ole rant, remodel the terrain at Devil and Hill amps in Twine. Devil amp alone probably started most of this goofiness because of the lack of buildable tiles between the player and the spawn. That's the one that got people to start messing around pathing them 47 miles up the beach/stairways to heaven because there are not many other choices.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/psyinf/on_the_morality_of_trapping_vs_stallingjail/

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