On using Voicechat as a woman

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edited screenshot cause reddit isn't implementing the tweet?

In the comments you'll find experiences about how this impacts the ability to train for higher level games, like calling shots or coordinating the game as a pos4 player. On just muting these idiots she said: "All of these comments were made by different people in multiple games as a response to me making the usual dota calls you'll find in any given game (Push, back, initiate on hero X etc.) They weren't toxic before. These came out of nowhere, so I had no reason to mute before that."And that this shouldn't be the answer anyway.

I only lurked on reddit before, but seeing her show up on my twitter feed made me want to share this since I recognize her name from my pubs and she was always a pma and kind person in chat. We need to do better and call out stuff like this.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/nu2r2e/on_using_voicechat_as_a_woman/

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