One issue I have with FIR Market

Before we start, let me give you some context.

I have a habit: whenever I kill someone, I usually take their stuff, try to contact them after the raid and offer everything or most of it back. Sometimes they accept it all, sometimes they accept only the gun, sometimes they still decline even after some persuasion and then, well, more profit for me I guess.

I know about the good old strategy of “tossing all the stuff in some bush or hide it in a pipe”, but I prefer to do it through the Flea Market. I guess you can say it makes the whole process more personal, but it also gives ME the chance to load the gun, repair it and (if the person acts nice enough during the conversation) upgrade it a little bit. They put some random junk on the market and set it as a barter offer for the required weapon, I send it over to them, easy-peasy. We make sure to pick an item that won’t make my partner drown in market fees.

If the new system gets implemented in the way we were told it would, this whole thing will become 100% impossible for me, as stuff you take from other players won’t be useable for market trades.

Therefore, BSG, I ask you to instead tag all items you BUY and not everything that doesn’t have the checkmark. It still prevents flipping items, but at least doesn’t ruin my hobby with it!

TLDR: The FIR Market implementation should be changed as to not get in the way of harmless non-RMT exchange between players.


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