One last idea of the “high risk high reward” idea. Introducing riot shields.

If the husks have it, then why not us?

Adding a craftable riot shield that has a number of melee damage to husks if they get too close


  • Takes the harvesting tool slot

  • You must have a pistol or an SMG equipped


  • You cannot aim with it. But your hipfire will be zero recoil. It's not like the BR sweats will complain about it anyway.

  • Exotic rarity, cannot be dropped.

  • Requires specific Power Level in each evolution and supercharging.

  • Requires having Task Force heroes on command.


  • You can bash using the aim button. Deals 140 base damage + F.O.R.T stats But uses durability of the shield. I mean, it's a melee hit. Oh and it's locked to physical

  • It reduces your frontal damage by 90%. But your back is vulnerable

  • This is the only way to obtain your own non-exotic weapons.

  • The riot shield will have a higher than normal durability for balancing reasons.

  • The Riot shield will be considered a heavy weapon. So it will benefit your shield from the task force heroes.

The reason why I made it have requirements is to prevent carries and making it even harder for carried people to use these exotics. Now THAT is a real endgame weapon and heroes list.


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