One of the most bizarre things is comparing english and japanese female voice lines

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To those who don't know, there is an archive of all things Gwent called "" where you can, among many things, listen to taunts and voice lines in 12 languages.
The weirdest, most unsettling thing I found there was comparing female voice lines in english to ones in japanese.

Most languages share the tone of the english voice lines, or at the very least carry the same integrity and strength. I can understand 6 of them (everything west of German), but even with ones I don't know I'm still able to discern the emotion behind it. And the ones in Japanese… oh boy.

Everything becomes "cute" and weak. Ciri's cursing becomes a passive lamentation, Saskia's patronizing contempt is translated as childish awe and amazement, Triss' every word ends as if short of breath and, most hilarious of all, Francesca's annoyed "Squass'me" sounds like a very, VERY, dirty "squeeze me" (also in Portuguese btw)

That happens EXCLUSIVELY on female dubbing, all the male lines retain most of the intent and weight behind it. Yennefer is the only one that kinda gets away with it, though some of her lines are definitely weaker than in other languages.

Some might point out, rightfully, that I don't speak or read japanese, but I can definitely tell apart what each line is supposed to be simply because I watch anime. Most of the lines and expressions in the japanese version are not only all-too-common expresions found in japanese media, such as anime, but also emulating very specific and shallow archetypes!

If you want examples, the more jarring ones I can remember are the translations for Ciri's "Curses" and "A grave error"; Triss' "Damnit" and Saskia's "Well, well. Seems I might make a rebel of you yet" and "You seek to join my cause, do you?

TL:DR Gwent's japanese female voice lines are annoying, very obnoxious and very, very, sexist


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