One thing that really frustrates me is the fact that some developer’s personal decisions influence and break concepts and logic of the game

So recoil in this game is kind of interesting, and rather controversial depending on who you ask.

The explanation we are given is that "its your PMC compensating for recoil climb/aiming for you as the spray goes on."

This implies that your PMC has a level of intelligence independent of you. It knows it needs to pull the gun down to hit the general area its aiming at.

But then we get to something like healing from the hotkeys, where your PMC will start healing random body parts instead of attending to the major parts that need to be healed first. All because Nikita said, "he likes the panic/uncertainty it creates."

Let me get this straight, my PMC is smart enough to know to pull down against recoil and adjust his aim, but he isn't smart enough to know that its probably smarter to fix the sucking chest wound where most of his HP is, rather than the scraped toe he has that barely contributes to any of his HP?

The next thing that drove me up the wall was the PK-06 nerf. Nikita said he didn't like how PK-06 was meta, so he decided to nerf the dog shit out of it, by allowing it to sway so hard, the crosshairs will occasionally sway completely out of view.

Anyone who has shot guns before will know that optics only sway as much as you do. A Trijicon will sway just as much as a PK-06 if you jerk it around like that (or will remain rock steady if you hold it properly), but for some reason, Nikita had to personally step in and smite the PK-06, and the PK-06 only.

Its just weird seeing this game thats supposed to be "as realistic as playable" with the occasional disconnect because one dude decides, "lol because I feel like it"


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