Onion Soup is OP

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Like damn, it pretty much makes every other type of stamina food redundant as soon as you get it, maybe except for bread which is also another food that is extremely easy to make and makes other high tier stamina food like blood pudding not even worth the time investment. Although bread is still more time consuming than making onion soup which only requires 3 onions to make and can be safely and massively farmed in Meadows. Even more accessible at that and can be obtained early game if you happen to have a mountain biome on your starter island, which is pretty common in my experience.

Why bother making turnip stew or eyescream when you can just mass produce onions? Even eating onions themself gives you like 40 stamina which is almost just as good as eating carrot soup, can even be combined with onion soup for low effort high stamina gains with no need to really make any other stamina food recipe that usually requires some kind of time sink to get all the materials for, just for like 5 extra stamina points most of the time.

Just feel like the balance when it comes to the stats for some food types and cooking recipes are a bit whack and not so well thought out. If onion soup required wolf meat to be crafted I think it would feel a bit more balanced considering taming wolves or killing them for their meat is tougher than taming or killing boars for making turnip soup. I'd still bother with turnip soup if that were the case, probably.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/q280bz/onion_soup_is_op/

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