Open to help as much as I can.

I’m seeing quite a few new people here who need some guidance, I also see quite a bit of whining. So let’s get this part out of the way:

  • You’re going to die. Most of the time. So fight for your virtual life! The game is a hardcore shooter that follow very realistic elements, weapons and ballistics. There are no killcams, no respawns, no indications of where people are. Where the bullets are coming from or even how you die. Similar to a realistic situation. As for servers going down, welp. Shit happens, it’s a game, and many people have had this happen to them, won’t be the first nor last. Most people here already know this, but it’s a pill ALL of us have to swallow. Whether you play solo or in packs. Now let’s get to the better stuff!

  • Try to get over Gear Fear. The fear of losing gear. (Trust me, you’re better off either selling the hordes of gear/scrap you have or using it. Chances are, you’ll find it again, or something better. People don’t get rich hording junk.)

  • OFFLINE MODE is the shit. Seriously, practice. (If you do not know how a weapon functions, or want to learn the maps, this is your best friend. You will not lose anything on your player. Go nuts.)

  • Scav raids are also the shit. (Roll the dice and take on some players or other scavs when available. It’s free gear! Use it to your advantage.)

  • LISTEN! EVERYTHING MAKES NOISE! (I can’t tell you how many times the sounds of footsteps crunching on glass or metal has saved my PMC from seeing the main menu again.)

  • efficiency kits matter, go for what works for you.

PP-19 SMG, extra magazine – Prapor

MRig – Ragman

2x Ai-12 – Therapist

2 Bandage – Therapist

1 splint – Therapist

Painkillers in Alpha box (just go to Therapist)

Full stack of ammo for SMG IN ALPHA BOX!! Because remember, YOU ARE MOST LIKELY GOING TO DIE! so don’t lose your extra ammo along with your gear.

  • Insurance works, mostly. (Cheap load outs have higher return rate. Why would they take your cheap smg when there’s the chance of juicier loot?)

  • Armor does help, but don’t blow all your money on it. Some protection is better than nothing at all.

  • Practice with different weapons, see what works for you. (This is where the flexibility of the efficiency kits come into play. Maybe try that OFFLINE mode since you DO NOT LOSE ANYTHING DURING THIS MODE.)

  • BULLETS MATTER. (My advice, download the BATTLE BUDDY app, study the different penetration chances against different armor. That’s how you tackle those juicy armored bois)

  • Retreat and live to fight another day.
    (Seriously, if you’re bleeding out your chest, get out of there. Healing takes a moment, and if you tagged the opponent, chances are he needs to plug some holes in him too.)

All I have at the moment. If you have any questions, just reply so we can keep the convo going.


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