Open up this universe to play control

I've never understood why Frontier won't do this?

Nothing would make me want to play this game more than the thought that this entire galaxy is potentially mine for the taking.

Playing this game in it's current state feels like I'm flying around an artifice… a grave yard. It's boring, empty and acts as nothing more than a visual distraction which I can find on Space Engine for half the effort.

If I felt like this entire, enormous galaxy was open to be conquered, open to be defended, where trade routes between different factions were real people transporting goods. Where the galaxy felt like it was being run by real people for real people, that would be so compelling for me.

I know I'll get the usual whining "I don't want multiplayer" and you know what – fine. You have your game. There's absolutely no reason why you couldn't continue playing your (IMO extremely boring) singe player experience. But the idea that I and others who might enjoy it, can't have a MP variant like Eve because YOU don't like it is frankly ridiculous.

Imagine all those stars that can be ours. I'd love to carve out a little nook of systems somewhere, create some mining stations, maybe a couple of pit stop stations in a high traffic location. Pay some people to defend it etc. Would be great! Suddenly I'm getting pressure from some pirates that are more than I can afford to defend against, I join a guild etc. The potential is enormous.


Now I really understand.

The player base is determined to kill it. Don't change anything. Don't do anything different. The game belongs to me. I don't like other people. Leave me alone. I'd rather than game shrink and die and disappear than ever see anything innovative or unique or exciting.


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