After having played for nearly 200 hours this wipe I'm just 3 quests away from getting the Kappa container. I've obtained all the items necessary and I'm also close to sniper skill lvl 9 for Psycho Sniper.

So, I should have Kappa in no time right? Wrong. I can't find even a single bloody Ophthalmascope. I've spent the last days doing shoreline runs without success. I've also noticed a trend doing these runs: My initial approach was to charge into the east wing with a slick, altyn and meta guns. Unfortunately, every single time I've done this, a squad of rats with shotguns and diaper vests have already cleared out all the good loot rooms, putting the spoils into their gamma. Me averaging 9 coast spawns out of 10 runs probably doesn't help either. When I on the other hand go in rat style, I sometimes get to the resort first, but subsequently get wiped out by chads. This, imho, results in noone profiting since the rats can't sell the not fir items and the people killing them only get whatever is left.

I think this problem could be easily fixed by adding more locations on different maps where LedXs and Ophthalmascopes can be found reliably.

But all of that was just me beating around the bush essentially. The core problem for me and, judging by the amount of people trying to loot tape key,east 226,etc., also a lot of other people, is that Decontamination Service is locked behind a quest that solely relies on RNG. I'm tired of burning my gear and being essentially forced to play on a map I don't enjoy just to progress. I get that the developers want their game to be challenging but even for a dedicated player like myself this is just frustrating.

All of this madness could be easily fixed in different ways. The first option would be to add a crafting option for the Ophthalmascope. Facing the recently added LedX craft, I know that this is very controversial and, probably like the majority of people reading this, think that this is not the way to go, not only because it would essentially give people a free T H I C C Case but also because it would inflate the prices for the items needed in the craft. The other, imo superior, option would be simple but yet effective. Just make Private Clinic a side quest, that is not necessary for Kappa and unlock Decontamination Service after completing Health Care Privacy – Part 5.

Of course people are gonna say that all of this is just me crying on reddit over not being able to find the items I need, which is absolutely true, but that doesn't change the fact that quest progression based on RNG is simply not enjoyable. I agree that quests should challenge your skills as a player and thus be difficult. The underlying problem is that there are huge amounts of players playing maps they clearly not enjoy because they are forced to, just to desperately try and get the items they need. This ruins not only their own fun, but also the fun of the people trying to enjoy their favourite maps.

I absolutely love EfT and with a K/D of 9 and 600+ PMCs killed last wipe I would say that I'm a somewhat capable player, but I've never made it this far questwise before and I'm quite honestly disappointed, since my main goal for this wipe was to finally get the coveted Kappa container. Of course I don't expect that any changes will result of this post but I'd love to hear your opinion on the matter and maybe also a few tips that can help me 😛

If you've made it this far, thanks for bearing with me 🙂

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/lfgu7c/ophthalmofrustration/

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