Opinion: Even if you have high end system the performance are not good enough and it takes from the game experience

So seriously I have a pretty good system and I still feel like playing on 70-90 fps is just not good enough.

It takes a huge part of the game – from gun fights to spotting enemies to generally just walking around the map and fighting scavs or raiders,

it really doesn't make sense that no matter how much money you throw on your hardware you are still only get a bit higher fps than a system cost half as much.

Lower fps already put you in a disadvantage – if its not against players then it is against scavs or raiders and it put a really hard ceiling on the ability to improve.

I've played this game a ton and I don't feel my aim or gun mechanics improved at all, it doesn't even feel like there is any kind of skill involved in the shooting mechanic of the game,

and for a game where the devs keep adding weapons and attachments and have huge amount of them – it is just useless.

I play a lot more offline raids than online just so I can really enjoy the game the way it meant to be played, it is completely different experience and it is really sad for me that with all the content: quests, guns, attachments, skills, looting and enemies this game have to offer it is being ruined by such a factor.


Low fps (even if you get 70-100 fps) takes from the game experience and gun play which is major part of this game.

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