Opinion – The right way to play this game is boring


So I've been playing for quite a lot and I'm very competitive in the games I choose to play (low number of games but higher hours in each)

So I've watched and tried to learn a lot of different ways to play the game.

I've came to the conclusion that playing very slow, holding angles, almost not moving has given me the best results – I'm pretty consistently surviving raids (60-70%), kills 3-5 pmcs every raid (plus some player scavs) and getting my roubles up (although I don't feel like I need anymore at this point).

The problem is that it is boring.

It seems that this is the best kind of play you can make in tarkov, because when trying different ways of playing I always die to that person who plays like that.

I love this game but it sucks that this is the "correct way" to play it,

and it feels like every update BSG pushes more and more to that kind of play direction (which seems to be more realistic (I think?) but less fun).

Anyone else feels the same or am I alone on this one?


If you have streamer / youtuber who doesn't play this way (and doesn't get killed by this kind of players) I would love if you could leave a link to his channel so I can check it out – very interested!

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