Opinion: We Are Way Too Loud

It's just so damn hard to make stealth plays in this game. It never makes sense to do a quiet push. You either have to just big dick it and push like landmark would or you need to sit absolutely fucking still and do nothing and wait outside to cuck them while they leave.

For one, I shouldn't be locked into using clunky ass boots. Add some stealth options for footwear. Sound shouldn't travel through concrete but they are 'working' on that so I won't dive into those occlusion issues. Once they are fixed though, I still feel like we are too damn loud. I do enjoy the minigame of watching out for broken glass / loud materials, it's good game design, but, as far as walking on regular concrete / wood / grass / rock, we are just too damn loud. I shouldn't be heard from 30 feet away when I want to aim down sites or change fire mode. I should be able to slow walk and be completely silent on those materials. You can do it in real life in full gear easy. I don't know why BSG needs to keep it unrealistically hard to stealth in a game like this.

Watch your damn back and maintain situational awareness if you don't want someone sneaking up on ya.

This would also have the positive effect of people camping less, IMO. I can only speak for myself really but, I would feel less inclined to sit absolutely still if I could move around more quietly both on the offensive and defensive.

Thanks, $0.02.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qbmqrm/opinion_we_are_way_too_loud/

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