Opinions on exobiology?

To those who have Odyssey and have engaged in the exobiology aspect of it, what do you all think about it?

Originally after Odyssey released I did a bit of scans on plants in the bubble, it wasn't very fun. Very boring, let alone trying to find them.

It wasn't until I went on what was supposed to be a short expedition that I started enjoying it. I was traveling 8kly at first, but I ended up spending a lot of time stopping in a lot of systems to visit atmospheric worlds and scan life. Driving around in my SRV on the (usually) cool terrain to find various plants and getting out to scan them is actually kind of fun, especially since I'm far out in the galaxy. Even though the task of finding and scanning them is pretty mundane in itself, finding all the cool plants and driving around is fun to me.

Since I was enjoying that, I made a quick 90° turn towards the center of the galaxy and suddenly a quick trip became a 30kly (and increasing) trip. I probably wouldn't have done that if I was in Horizons, last time I went on a 20kly trip it started to get very boring and I never made it to where I wanted to go. I've already traveled farther in one expedition than I ever have before,
and I feel like it's because of the new exobiology aspect.

Exploration feels a lot more fun now because I have an actual reason to land on planets and explore them. Going places takes longer, but it's much more enjoyable in my opinion. I have more things I can do. Somewhat unrelated, I also take a lot more screenshots now lol.

What are you opinions and experiences with it? It seems a lot of people feel mostly negative to it and I'm not sure why.

TD;DR: Exobiology made deep space exploration significantly more fun and interesting for me. How do the rest of you feel about it?

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