Opponents “losing connection” on a clear loss – tired of it.

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I am only rank 10 after a hiatus but HOLY FUCKING SHIT – why is there not a penalty for accounts who are consistently going on airplane mode/turning wifi off when they know they are about to lose the game. It wastes so much time, and it’s such pathetic sportsmanship.

I am ranting because the 4/6 games I have won tonight have ALL been disconnected end of round 3. I do not taunt, I play as respectfully as I can and I am just annoyed by this. Is there something I’m missing here – because it just feels like cowardice shit at this point.

Apologies if this isn’t appropriate for the sub.

Edit: this post is being downvoted…so there are people on the sub out there like this. Damn, DO BETTER. 🥲😬

Edit #2: I wrote this after a long ass day of work – trust me, it’s not that deep y’all. I will assume that my future opponents that do this are the people who can’t find the forfeit button or are so distraught they have to shut down the game to take a break. 😂

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