Other weapons/loadouts that can perform at Xenon/Ferrah level?

Returning player after 2 years, PL 123 and have the standard Soldier/Constructor loadouts that can carry me thru most missions. Solo'd thru Twine SSD 6 so far.

After returning to this game, I immediately got Xenon and Ferrah both maxed out (they were suggested by many) and this combo appears to be the meta. Kills faster than my maxed-out Nocturno, no problem dealing with Misties or Mini Bosses too (since I'm not soloing), great for all sorts of missions. It's so easy and efficient to the point where I stopped using any Soldier.

I'm the type of player who attempts to min/max, and at this point, I don't have the drive to level up other weapons. My next priority is to build out Lynx for MSK (have never done it before, would appreciate some friend adds to carry me thru it) and reach PL 124 so that I can unlock 160 missions. After that, I'll probably work on traps.

So summing everything up, it appears that I don't need to level any other heroes/weapons now. Curious if any other weapons/loadouts can perform at Xenon's level (please consider ammo value too – launchers obviously kill fast, but are expensive to operate).

Side note/rant:

What happened to the player base? Do people not know how to build these days? Geez some of the pubs I ran they just spamed walls around the objective + unwise use of traps all over the place.

David Dean would be disappointed. A simple 2×1 tunnel with some converging paths will do the job 10x better.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/ot2njw/other_weaponsloadouts_that_can_perform_at/

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