Outdated Heroes

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Note: This is just my analysis. Any hero whos has no special ability like something that is unique to them (including aghs and shard upgrades) which cannot be achieved by any item, is considered outdated. Like NP's teleportation, pa's 'get out of the map' blur, alchemist's extra gold generation, dazzle's grave or axe's instant death culls etc.

  1. Beast Master: all his abilities are attainable by items (like helm of dominator for summons). I always thought innerbeast should be replaced with new passive.
  2. Lycan : since they removed his super speed on wolf form it feels so bad, all other abilities (helm again) can be replicated with items.
  3. Hoodwink : Its just a copy of other hero spells..has nothing unique to it's kit..except for newly added "decoy" spell from shard.
  4. Chen : lol. His spells are basically Helm, Solarcrest, Vlads, Mek.
  5. Wind ranger: probably on verge of being outdated if not for spells granting absurd 100% evasion or max attack speed. Nothing special in kit.
  6. Jakiro : Icepath is kind of unique. but rest of the spells are meh.
  7. QOP : One hero that hasnt got any changes except for number tweaks since it's inception i think and overtime all the spells are just replicated by other heroes. Even lina gets better AOE pure damage with aghs and shard.

What do you think? Add anymore ? Hope they get a few changes.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/ou7nxr/outdated_heroes/

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