Over 200 hours and I finally kill boss 5. my thoughts and hope’s for the future of the game.

I can finally sit at my table in my hall with the boss heads on my wall and just relax for a bit.

First of all my overall thoughts on the game so far, simply put I fuckin love it, I only got it 2 weeks ago and I have dumped well over 200 hours into it according to steam so that says a lot to me at least.

Ok lets get to it.

My Thoughts on the game this far.

First of all the progression, the only part that really didn't feel good was the Dark Forrest, I feel like I should have been making copper chain mail armour and copper tools and weapons before getting to bronze I feel like we jumped a stage there also the added step of having to smelt two things to make bronze felt off from everything else which only added to that feeling like there was a whole missing copper stage of progression.

I also totally skipped the wolf armour, which didnt really feel good I feel like I missed out on something there, I wonder if armour progression could be gated behind the previous armours so to make wolf armour you would need the bronze, this would feel a lot more like we are constantly upgrading and improving our gear rather than just replacing it, it would also force us to make wolf armour before padded, its a good armour its just a shame most of the people I talk to about the game including myself just totally skipped it.

The Boss fights right now feel good when done with the appropriate level of gear, this gives you a good solid 5-10 minute fight which isn't too long or too short and you still risk being killed, this also means if you go back to repeat older boss's with better gear you get that feeling of power because the fights are a lot easier.

I do think that every boss needs to have mechanics for dealing with melee and ranged, right now on the last boss he does not do any melee attacks so you can't parry him which basically forces you to either soak the fire and face tank him or go ranged, which isnt a bad thing I guess but I think if he had a melee attack we could parry for some good damage and then force us to run out of the next fire attack.

Ok lets talk about gear in general, as I have already said wolf armour and bronze felt awkward, what with bronze feeling like it missed copper and wolf just being missed completely, for the rest of the gear its all good, but I think we need more of it, why no black metal tools, why no better hammer recopies, if your building a lot your constantly repairing the thing I want a metal one that lasts longer, only having 3 bows in the game feels bad, I think we should have a bow for each wood type, basic using normal wood, common using core wood, fine using fine and then why not an ancient bow using ancient wood with each of them being a little bit better than the last, possibly even give them unique stats, core wood bows might add a little knockback, ancient bows might have a little life leech on them since they come from the swamp, we need more steps, the weapons feel a bit better than the bows, we at least have mace's and swords and pole arms, I think we need some secondary stats on these based on the resource they used to craft tho because at the moment everyone and their dog just uses a mace, so lets throw some extra stats on them to give them a better use case, the Frostner is brilliant, but it would be wrong to think of it as being OP I think of it more as being one of the only weapons in game in a final state, we need the rest to be brought upto its standard(not level..) Iron Swords might do slash damage but you could also throw in some lightnight/static shock damage or something, or Silver obv does the holy damage along with its slash, Dark Metal could do poison there is loads of room here to flex out the weapons .

Ok, My hope going forward.

Lets get the obvious one out the way, Please optimize the game, I run an i7 and 1080ti, yeah its not the newest hardware these days but it 100% should not be struggling with this game so there is deff room to improve here.

Future game play, first lets talk crafting, I want more things, more weapons, more types of weapon, we have these dungeons in the game that feel like an after thought they could be so much better, make them larger, throw a mini boss at the end with a golden chest full of dungeon loot, I would love to find blue prints for unique items, like a Finebow that has fire damage, give us a reason beyond 90 iron to want to keep going back to dungeons, when we clear one out let it respawn after a few in game days with fresh mobs and loot, if you give us a repeatable dungeon or dungeons to raid people are gona be playing this game for years.

I would like to see more work done on the world gen, possibly give us pre-set's like hay I want massive oceans with huge islands with 1 biome per island, or Oh I want 1 or 2 massive islands in the middle surrounded by ocean with all the biomes mixed in, or maybe you want a world where there are no large islands only lots of small islands separated by loads of ocean, basically give us more dials to twist when it comes to the world gen, once we know how the world gen works it's really easy to figure out where everything is.

more.. just more .. more everything.

PS. love it.. fix the lag, fix the world edit lag,

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