Over a week of dedicated prep to kill Bonemass.

TL/DR | Minor Spoilies: Bonemass is hardboss, require prep, feel great to beat.

We’ve finally done it. Although I gotta say that was one of the most rewarding boss battles I’ve done in years. Not treasure wise, even though the Wishbone will be incredibly helpful, but on a more personal level.
I’ve been doing a mod-free run with a buddy of mine, it’s our first time through so we want to experience it for what it is, try to build the best things we can, you know. The first boss, while a wild leap up from boar and deer, was still an easy victory. The Elder, even though he did have new, stronger abilities, was too much harder IMO. Much like Dark Souls, you fight once or twice, understand how they move, and go in for the kill.
Bonemass, however, was on a totally different level. Hands down, hardest boss We’ve fought in years. First run at it, we encased in in a wall of stone. Thinking that we would be okay, we summoned it. Not only did it destroy our double-wide stone wall with one hit, it proceeded to show all sorts of nasty abilities, that far outreached the Elder. It handily ruined our wall, our nearby base, and our lives.
Fast forward another week of prep work (fully upgraded iron armors and weapons, three different potions in inventory, stats improved on new weapons) and we took him on again, still unsure as to whether it was truly enough. It turned out to be. We both cheered in excitement. The actual work that went into beating this boss, made it all the more rewarding.
Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

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