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i've tried to do some searching, but i haven't really seen anything that talks a lot about gray area cases in overwatch reviews. i've run into a few cases that feel like they could go either way.

example: an enigma ends up selling all their items after a failed blackhole at the end of the game, gets shadow amulet and hides in fountain. now, yes, thats not a good look, and would be a clear guilty to me in a game that has a slim chance of winning still. but they did this so late in the game, it didnt really matter. the blackhole wasnt good, but they were trying, and seemed to be trying the entire game. im sure the team was raging at them for the fail blackhole. and by the time they came back to life, they were mega-ed, and their team hadnt even taken a single tower, down 31k at 34 minutes.

so to me, while this isnt ideal behavior, that behavior didnt really cause the outcome to change one bit. would people agree this is a "not guilty" case, or are people just saying "you sell your items and go shadow amulet, you are guilty"?

is there some area where these gray areas are discussed?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/mwa7im/overwatch_case_gray_areas/

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