Pack your bags boys, wipe is over

Not sure if I have rose-tinted glasses on right now but this might be one of the worst wipes in Tarkov history.

  • M61/M995/M855A1/BP plaguing lobbies 2 weeks into the wipe (nothing new for people who have been playing for multiple wipes)
  • Kappa gated behind level 71 for some bizarre reason
  • Weapon malfunctions being introduced and them happening more than they should especially on brand new guns
  • Flea market gated behind level 20 which has seemingly done nothing to stop progression for good players
  • No major content updates this patch except for a Factory expansion + boss which not many people care about
  • Gun variety amongst players got halved due to nerfs and we will now only see MK47s, M4s, and the .308 MDR
  • Worse performance this patch than the last, although it might just be me

Let's discuss.


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