Part Time Explorer Looking for Discord or Squadron

I’m 100% classified as a part-time ED player who enjoys exploring. My general ED knowledge and gameplay is simple as I enjoy just shooting off in 1 direction to see what I find then head home to my “Home” system. Sell my data then shoot off again.

Even my exploration may be seen as basic to some people as I don’t check out every planet. Once I enter a system I scan the system check the map and if something interests me or hasn’t been discovered yet I may take a closer look.

I’m just looking for a possible place to hang out whilst playing ED with some people who won’t go noob bashing and may be able to help me with diving deeper into the game.

Also, I’ve been away from the game for a year or so and have only just gotten back to it in the past few weeks so Squadrons is new to me as far as I’m aware and I have no understanding of how it could benefit me.

Lastly…..sorry for the long post……anyone have any cool RP elements they add to their game style?


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