Patch Update and Rampant Number of Account Buyers/Smurfs

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Behavior Score – 9.3k

Rank – Currently Ancient 5

Valve, you have announced quite a few measures against account buyers and smurfs, yet this most recent update has shown an extremely high number of this cohort in the days after the patch

This is unacceptable and the player base would appreciate an update on what is coming. It seems like every game(high ancient low divine) I am greeted by at least one of this group on my team or the other team. Most self admitting afterwards.

Even if I report these groups, I have to choose between using my Overwatch report(in game for geifing) or post game (for smurfs). Furthermore my reports regenerate based off of # of days and not number of games played.

This groups does the following to ruin games:

– Account buyers – Playing with people beyond their level, they either are just outclassed or talk shit the entire game – I have seen quite a few 33% winrate accounts since patch, more than I have seen in a long time

Smurfs – Competitive – will easily outclass the lane the player is, this ruins their enemy morale (teammates of the loss lane complain that the person is feeding and sometimes even report them) the games are typically a snowball and just not a fun match

Smurfs – Trolling – If they want to play a certain hero, and its banned/taken (or they just are upset on the way teams play) they just give-up. I had one such game where I pinked a tinker pos 4, The Mid wanted tinker, I offered to swap, he picked zeus and followed me around for the rest of the game.

Whats next Valve?


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