Payouts for assassinations are INSANE

Recently got back into Elite after about a 3 month hiatus, and couldn’t believe how much assassination missions are paying now.

Before my break, you could usually make about 200-300k for expert/master level targets, when you’re allied with the faction giving out the mission. I’ve now had multiple occasions where a competent level target is going for 2+ million! Doing an assassination “loop” between HIP 20277>Calennero>Kamadhenu>Bunuson>reverse and repeat usually nets me ~50 mil per hour, but this can be way more of you have a better ship like a fully stacked corvette, just make sure you claim the additional bounty vouchers, become allied with minor factions, and pickup massacre missions where you kill pirates from the faction your assassination target belongs to.

The best part about the HIP 20277 run is that it is deep in ALD space, so it’s an incredibly convenient home system if you’re pledged to her (not mention getting that sweet bounty bonus)

You’re obviously never going to make as much as mining or bulk trading, but it’s going to be damn close, while doing something infinitely more fun!

Happy hunting o7


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