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Hello CMDR's,

I have been a long time console gamer and although there are many games I played and loved on my PC (CS, Rise of Nations, Diablo, Command & Concour, Half Life, Total Annihilation, Star Craft, The Sims, Sim City, the list goes on…) as I got older I gravitated more towards the couch and console.

Been playing Elite since Jan. '21 and I would love to get into VR with this game. I am torn between sticking it out with my PS4/potentially getting PSVR for a reasonable $500 to try out VR or just swapping my profile over to PC, spending a little more for a much better experience. My concern is what a "little" more will actually end up being.

I have a work state computer I typically use for CAD but it could be used for some gaming with some investment. (https://www.cnet.com/products/lenovo-thinkstation-p310-tower-core-i7-6700-3-4-ghz-16-gb-256-gb-us-30at006vus/)

I don't know very much about VR other than it's most likely better on PC and I am curious if my workstation could be used for playing ED in VR. From the research I have done VR is a more taxing activity for any system of course, headset frame rate, resolution as well as FOV are critical to avoiding "VR motion sickness" and having a good crisp visual.

For the seasoned VR CMDR's out there I would be interested in your take on what I would need to get started in PC VR on ED and if there is merit in trying it out on console first as it would be a much cheaper option for me. The other draw I have to PC is the HOTAS options, I have the T.Flight for PS4 but it's really the only choice with some pretty known draw backs.

All comments welcome! Thanks for your input CMDR's!

Edit: My comment regarding trying PSVR is related to the ED DLC that will bring VR support to console.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/lvc2e4/pc_vs_ps4/

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