peak this, what the hell is wrong with peakers advantage.

Right peeps peak this situation. I was in labs yesterday running around peaking all the angels when suddenly their was a person on the other end of my peak.

I shot him multiple times but he kept going up those inclined walls outside coloured room. He then turned around and tried to peak me but I got the peak on him first and emptied my clip into him.

I had to scramble up to the peek of wooden slabs laid out in parallel ascending ever so slightly each time in order to reach the peek where the peaks happened.

There gear was a mess because of my gunpowder storage vessels that I shoot into his brain.

Get this, a guy came round the corner about 6,1' but the server shown me that 5 seconds before due to un-sync so I pre-fired that spot 4.9 seconds before and his ass was toast.

They really gotta fix that premonition-sync.

That is all. Have a nice day.


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