People already running thermals on customs…

I wonder what they expect to accomplish. Raid starts, I'm by the camp by the train spawn. He starts taking shots at me almost immediately from the closest to dorms spawn. It's night time, pitch black, I'm wearing night vision but can't see that far especially with all the trees.

I run and hide behind a rock, another guy passes by from the sniper post spawn. He passes in front of me without giving me a shot, then he starts being shot by the same guy so he starts to run back towards me. I clap him real quick, I thought I was still behind cover so I went to loot him quick and get out. Turns out the thermal guy had moved a bit more to the left and he had a line of sight of me so he headshots me while I'm prone behind the other guy's body.

I guess I could have played it different and try to bait him behind the rock since I'm using a vector. But if course if a guy comes into a raid with a thermal he's almost certainly got a few grenades on him too.

It's just so crazy to me that 4 days into a wipe someone can already run thermals…


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