People are being far too hyperbolic about the backlash from the update

Maypoles, Flower/Berry Spawns, & Seed Crops should increase honey yield.

Currently the subreddit is flooded with people crying wolf over the devs being attacked and harassed. This is simply not the case. The amount of people actually taking criticism too far are an extreme minority and are dwarfed by the amount of people tripping over themselves to defend the devs. It is to the point where criticism that needs to be heard is being shouted down.

This is counterintuitive. This subreddit and other forums exist for the sake of the devs to get honest opinions from the players. Solid chunks of the update are bad, and the devs got honest criticism for it. Yet I've seen people try to silence genuine, thorough and thought out posts simply because they perceive that these posts are in some way harassment. This is simply not the case. Just because a post emphasizes anger or frustration does not make it harassment.

I challenge the posters here to show me the attacks they are saying are rampant. I'll fully concede if anyone can show me genuine, targeted harassment gaining traffic and being given a platform on this subreddit. The absolute worst I've seen are hidden comments deep in reply chains that you have to go out of your way to find. Everything that's up front and center on this subreddit is either praise, apology or actual criticism.

Apparently the Steam forums are a different story though which I can completely believe.


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