People have probably said this before but GODDAMN

Hide and Seek mode should really be a mode in a future.

Or at least a way to tag games with it so that people can join lobbies knowing what they are or something

Before people say the rules would be too specific I honestly dont think thats the case, some people argue there's too many versions of hide and seek but it wouldnt be hard to add unique configurations for that mode.

Here's what I'd think would be done:

  1. Have the game announce the impostors from the beginning itself rather than needing people to say it over voice chat or in meetings
  2. Limit configurations or add new ones to make sure the game isnt advantageous towards one side or the other (For example, some people think impostors shouldnt vent in hide and seek, why not add that in configurations for a hide and seek game mode? Same with sabotages, some people consider them unallowed while others think some specific ones are fine and others are cool with any of them being used, that could also be added in configurations)
  3. Remove the report button obviously


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