People Liked the Broken AX Weaponry Because its Given Us a Taste of what the Player-base has been Asking to Get for Years with AX


  • Remove the 4 AX limit on ships.

  • Give us Huge AX Weapons so we can outfit large ships to their full advantages

  • Gimbal enabled AX weaponry for those of us less skillfully inclined

  • Let us fucking engineer Guardian Shit

Ok, so if you are out of the loop, "Salvation" gave the galaxy a new AX weapon. Kinda like a fancy new railgun, except it's utterly shit and you're better off just using the regular rails.

However, FDEV fucked up something, and made it so that by restarting the game a few times you could have unlimited damage with the new AX weapons. This means insta-ganking hydras and shit, not having to sit around for an hour to "skill kill" a thargoid, and just overall making these fights a lot less frustrating because the artificial challenge has been removed.

But now that it's been fixed, a lot of people are pissed off because they got a glimpse of what AX could be. It could be dominated by OP corvettes with maximum engineering and whatnot, but instead there has been an artificial cap on AX damage for years now.

Just like PvE against ship AI, people actually enjoy being overpowered to a degree. Sure, AXI would say that anti-xeno weaponry should be hard to use, hard to master, and skill based what whatnot, but not everyone enjoys being told how to play a sandbox, and I guarantee you a lot more people would be interested in a thargoid story line if they could actually get involved in AX activities without devoting hours of their time to a few measly kills.

I know that I personally would enjoy Anti-Xeno activities a lot more if I were able to use my favorite ship, the Federal Corvette, with gimballed engineered guardian weaponry and whatnot, but right now a corvette is no better than most mediums at doing the same activity.

If people want to still nerf themselves with fixed weaponry and limits and whatnot, then that should be perfectly fine. There are plenty of people that use human fixed weaponry and do it so well that they are unbeatable with the right loadout. There should still be a skill related nerf to only using gimballs, and those with fixed weapons should be doing a lot better, but there is no reason to limit the entire playerbase to a single type / group of weapons against a supposed threat that is going to wipe us off the galaxy.

I dunno, maybe its just a rant at this point, but I'm tired of seeing "how Dangerous the Thargoid Threat is" and then being told the only weapons we have against them are a pencil and a thumbtack. Sure, John Wick can kill 50 thargoids with it, but what about me? "Git Gud" isn't an option when I can only play an hour a day, etc.

Rant Complete. Enjoy your evening. Leave your thoughts below.


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