People overestimate the complexity of Tarkov

Reading through all the threads today discussing the netcode in Tarkov, etc, I've noticed a trend of people thinking Tarkov is SO complex and theres so much data being sent and thats what causes the problem. Rust is often brought up as another Unity game where desync is little to no issue, and people immediately say Tarkov is more complex. It is not.

In Tarkov, you can have two players left on the map and engage in a gunfight and still experience desync. Only things being sent are the player positions, bullet data and maybe the occasional scav AI nearby if there is any.

BOTH games treat each individual projectile as an entity with it's own trajectory/bullet drop thats being calculated, that is affected by the ammo type. Sure, Tarkov has more ammo types but that's hardly relevant. And BOTH games have weapon modification, that affects the calculations of the said bullet entity trajectories, albeit Rust once again has less weapon mods.

Rust on the other hand, can manage to gunfights between countless players at the same time, WITH TONS of other COMPLEX stuff going on in the background, such as tons of AIs doing their thing, buildings being built/destroyed/raided, dynamic events, etc while not dealing with this kind of a problem. Open your eyes people. Sure Unity has it's flaws and will never yield a perfect result, but 80% of the blame here is on BSG.


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