People seem to be pushing for 2-0 a lot when they shouldn’t be

gerald witcher 3 gwent table

The meta has drifted towards it being much more important to win R1 and bleed R2 for various reasons, and relatedly the amount of 2-0 pushing has gone up. But it seems like I consistently see people (around rank 1-2) committing everything R2 when they’re down cards and would stand a better chance going into R3

It’s one thing to do everything you can to bleed out swing-y R3 win-cons, but people consistently try this on me when my decks clearly doesn’t have them and they are fighting a losing battle R2. And it’s not bleeding, they literally commit their full leader and their own win-cons

It’s very strange, it’s as if people are just pattern-matching “pushing R2 seems to be good I’ll do that” without actually considering whether they should. Either that or it just feels more fun/aggressive to win 2-0?

Not that I’m complaining lol makes things easier to win, just odd


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