People to avoid in public lobbies.

Even though the name is changeable, people tend to use the same name because everyone is lazy.

Currently our community is small so its easy to get matched with same people over and over, or at least it is the case in NA servers

An easy way to identify a cheater who is teaming with their friends is by turning off lights and killing when nobody is watching (carefull with cameras!), you will instantly hear a meeting calling you out and their proof will be ''trust me or I saw '', or any other kind of extreme supportive behavior.

Im willing to update this list if it ever gets pinned and enough support, feel free to send ss to report and update the thread

Remember the only real prooves are visuals not ''omg no he was with me u are the sus''

It is highly recommended to avoid them even if you don't see them with their reported friends, punish them for their behaviour!

Grouped by teams

North America server:

Extremely toxic, even if you are not imposter she and her friends will vote you if you suspect Layla

·ew david
Have fun giving prooves if you find any of these

·Lil Loki
·Tiny Thor

Give as many facts as you like, you will be voted by their friends and they kill in groups, play dumb and call out whoever saw them.

·bend over
·Lodu lalit
Annoying siblings

Brutus usually host, if you try to report any of the other 2 he will call you retarded and kick you out of the room.

Literally both of them wearing eggs as hats, hyper supportive and toxic


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