People who camp in dark corners on interchange for 5+ minutes are bad at video games. Change my mind.


Edit: Not checking my corners has nothing to do with it (I don't bother to go to techlight, I am not a hatchling player sold my Ultra key long ago). Define success however you want, but there are a few obvious metrics laid out in Tarkov.

1.) Have a high value stash/inventory/hideout

2.) Have high skill values on your PMC

3.) Complete all the tasks

4.) Have a high KDR/Extract rate

The only one of these that camping in a dark corner contributes to is 4.), because it is very easy to not die while hiding in a dark corner down the hall from a high traffic loot location and snipe with a thermal. Your extraction + KDR will benefit from these but you will be the slowest and least efficient by any other metric, I won't even broach fun as a topic.

I see that I have triggered a lot of unskilled interchange corner campers and that is fine, but I was legitimately asking what the mental process is that leads to 'let's hide in the back of a store for 25 minutes and see if someone comes by' being the best way to play a game. Please explain, or rage more up to you


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