People who keep complaining about the flea market, just stop.

Pov: you got bored of the late wipe, can't make good money like early/mid wipe, so you need the complain.

Then you guys proceed to complain about the flea market that it ruin the game, hardcore shit talk.

The problem isn't the flea market but the hideout, it's a simple as that. People make 7n31, M61, M995, bitcoin farm.

Making high level ammo easily accessible, making armor or helmets useless. That also makes the game boring or frustrating because the armor mechanic does not work.

Same goes for the bitcoin farm (pre nerf), everyone that made it in the early wipe has whole lot of roubles to mess around, so easily making these people bored because they don't have a goal, they don't need money. You just go for pvp if you lose, you quit for the day. Which makes some quiet lobbys.


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