Performance fix that worked for me.

Hi yall'.

I had this realy rough time after reinstalling EFT where the frames maxed out on 60 and often went down to 45/50 with no demanding settings.
Turns out that in the local.txt (or what it is sry for bad computer language) from the EFT File the hz of my Monitor was set to 60 –> Gpu also. Normaly in other games it runs with 120 hz like the monitor but it seems that this didnt got changed after reinstalling and so i sat there with my laggy game. Now everything is fixed and totaly fine and i can play High settings / High Shadows ; Object LOD Q. on half ; view distance 2000 ; Shadow distance lowest ; Hbao high colored ;Antisitropic Filtering – ON ; Anti Anialising – TAA ; Post fx on.

Between 85 and 110 Fps on interchange so i capped it on 85 and have a nice fluid game experience.
Maybe it helps someone cause i was stuck realy long on that poor level of frames..

My Specs
-1060 GB
-Intel I7700 HQ / 4 cores and 8 logical Processors
-16 GB RAM
-64 – Bit Win
Run on a MSI Laptop with external AOC 1080 p 120 HZ Display and extra cooled by a Cooling Pad with 5 Fans a 2000 RPM.

Maybe this helps someone.


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