Performance issues are making me lose interest in the game.

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Hello everyone. I'm currently at 206 hours in the game and at the silver age. I love the game, but having an average of 17 FPS (8~9 after the laptop heats) in the main base makes me want to avoid the main base at all costs, which I've worked hard on.

I'm on a gtx 1060 laptop and I'm aware of several options to increase the performance, this is what I've done:

  • Running the game with -no-stereo-rendering -console -screen-fullscreen -window-mode exclusive -force-vulkan

  • Setting the game to high priority

  • Cleaning the dust on the laptop

  • Replacing the thermal paste

  • Elevating the laptop

  • Yes, I'm running with the dedicated graphics card

  • Mod ValheimFPSBoost2, which turns off shadows

  • Setting all graphics to low or off

I'm aware the main issue is probably the terraforming I've done (Moat, flattening..) but at this point it just seems unfixable and I should quit on the base. I feel like the devs should make this a big priority, since the game has no issues on other areas (running at 50~60 fps easily).


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