perhaps the biggest root cause of issues in Tarkov that hasn’t been discussed in depth

In most games, there are plenty of implementation flaws (bugs), where the thing that was trying to be done didn't come out as intended.

Likewise, most games also suffer from multiple design flaws, where features are implemented as designed, but that design is poor for one or more reasons.

Tarkov is certainly no stranger to either of those. However, an issue that I haven't seen discussed — and perhaps is at the root of most player frustration — is the majorly flawed philosophy behind some of the flawed design elements.

That flawed philosophy is that positive feedback loops are always good, and it is pervasive throughout the design of Tarkov. In economic terms, it would be the equivalent of lowering your tax rate as your income goes up.

In Tarkov, this has led to design flaws such as a skills system that gives massive gameplay advantages (e.g., sproinking across the map, massive recoil reduction) to players with more time in the game, a marketplace with grossly inflated item prices for those who don't have maxed trader loyalty levels, and a personal money printing press for every player that has passed certain milestones.

As a result, we see countless posts complaining (and rightfully so) about the imbalances and frustration created by those design flaws, but they all stem from the same flawed philosophy that underpins them. Please take a moment to call it out when you see it. Hopefully you can't unsee it now.


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