Personal problem 😕

So, I was just playing STW when one of my friends invited me to a party chat. I decided to then invite him to play with me so we could have a nice time playing Save.

He immediately said how bored he was of the game, and later started berating about how it was terrible and sucked, and complaining about how he'd rather go play a different game for the whole entire mission.

I decided to text him nicely but firmly "If you want to play a different game, then go ahead. Please. I don't want to hear you complain. " and left the party. He told me he didn't care, and left as well.

I feel like crap about how I worded my sentence, and just feel terrible about the whole situation. Take in mind, I've been trying to help teach this guy how to play (after carrying him for a bit,) and get him a few gifts here and there when I don't have to. I feel like I'm the jerk here since I worry a lot about minor things, so please be honest with me…

Was it my fault? 😞


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