Personal Success Story with FA off

I just spent 10 minutes trying to explain to my wife how awesome this was, she doesn't get it….thought I would share with some peeps that understand. Might be a long read, and I imply no obligation to read. Just let me glory in this a minute.

I have been playing for about two years and finally decided to learn how to fly FA off. (Don't judge, this crap is hard). I started off easy. While core mining I would set a full speed drift parallel to the rings just below/above them. Then set FA off and pulse wave while I slowly scanned on the yaw plane back and forth. No main engines, no pitch, no roll. Just a single axis movement while moving in another direction. Works real well for scanning, a little harder than headlook but you know I was practicing.

The hard part is multi axis movements. I tried setting charges with FA off, but that means moving on all three axis while moving the ship around asteroids in curved lines. Every time I would end up in some astronaut training simulator spinning out of control with no idea how to settle much less move in the direction I wanted to go. And obviously my shield generator thought we were in a conflict zone as I played pinball off the asteroids.

Then today, something clicked. I was doing my pulse wave scan drift thing and I hit a roid at 425 m/s. Started spinning and flipping like crazy again. Usually I would just hit FA on, get straight and go again. But I said to myself, today I am going to recover from this thing FA off. It was a full three axis spin, and I had no idea how fast I was still moving after the hit. But I took one axis at a time, and ended up at 10 m/s staring at an unmoving roid.

I have no idea what changed, but now I do the whole core mining operation FA off. It's like my brain finally figured out what was going on. I wish I could explain it. I'm still not ready for combat FA off, but that is my next goal. I guess I just have to say, I love this game. If you want a new challenge. I highly recommend learning to fly FA off.

If you read this far, I appreciate your involvement in my personal glory story. thanks


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