Pestily gets mosin changed for everyone else and goes and plays Rust

What the hell man? Look I love Pestily. His presence in the EFT community was essential in my continued interest in the game when I was a noob. I looked up to him, you know? Like hes doing wonderful things for sick kids, he makes all these awesome videos, hes an overall great dude.

The problem im having is using his power as like the #1 tarkov streamer to change the way the game is played for basically everyone but the no-lifer. He knocked out the mosin quests in the first week, rushed Kappa in no time at all, ran out of content, and is now streaming another game.

Reasonable? Unreasonable?

So now, the remaining players, whom didnt stream with drops enabled, whom arent living tarkov alminacs, are left playing in a world that changed to benefit him and others like him, without him in it anymore.

This is bad for the game. Listening to people who reach content in an unhuman amount of time on topics involving equalizer equiptment. Of course the streamer doesn't like it, thats precisely why it should be in the game, to combat the Pestily's who at the end of literal day 1 of wipe, have progressed more than the majority of people have after weeks of playing to the point that Pestily has to play another game because he didnt die enough to mosins to keep content fresh for himself for longer.

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