[PETITION] Regarding Horizons/Odyssey Content


I come before all of you today to discuss something about my all time favorite space game. Something that I think would help the game in not only my return but others as well. I would like to Petition Frontier Developments to set aside even just a few developers to implement content that should have been apart of Horizons and now Odyssey. Please help me get these things heard and sign on in either agreement or disagreement.

To me, these are features that should have, would have, and still can be things that we need within the game. Nothing I am proposing below is outlandish or something that is different from the scope of the game. All of it is natural progression and things that FDev should have done and now should do.
I am Hoping to start this Petition so that it reaches them, in the hopes that they set aside even just one developer to look into these things.

ED: Horizons Content

SRV's (Surface Reconnaissance Vehicles)
– Implement configurable SRVs or new SRVs for different jobs

— SRVs are lacking in options where other parts of the game Definitely have those options. I.E. Even Odyssey content saw different suits, weapons, and loadouts. SRVs are the only current thing in game that is not configurable, Leaving some features in the game mere placeholders as we wait for FDev to flesh them out (For years mind you)
– Multiple SRVs for different Roles
— Armored Combat SRV, Exploration SRV with Scanner features, Mining SRV with expanded cargo

Horizons Missing Content
– Planetary Interactions with the environment.
— larger impact on mining, Large scale NPC Mining operations, and a place to buy goods from them, Tools to mine into the planets sub-surface and scanners on ones ship or SRV to find sub-surface deposits. Basically bringing space rock mining to the planet.
— NPC SRVs with bounties and the missions to go with them.
— Security SRVs sit outside larger outposts or military installations.
— Wrecked SRVs and tools to recycle their parts (As well as crashed ships) into raw resources and base components.

-Minigames, or Gameplay loops for SRV Content

— Crashed ships have "Black Boxes" that present you with a hacking minigame. Hack the box and bring the data back to a station for credits. Missions that ask you to do this as well.
— Sub Surface Mining Mini Games.

— Scattered Wrecks give you signal locations for nearby wrecks. Follow the trail to find the crashed shipwreck or SRV.

— Worlds that were previously at war have a higher chance to have shipwrecks and srv wrecks on their planets.
— SRV Racing??? :3

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/p5xvca/petition_regarding_horizonsodyssey_content/

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