Petition to enhance almost playable cards through “Devotion” bonuses!

Yennefer's Journey

Hello, I come with an idea that came to me after a simple observation.

Often during deckbuilding I notice I made it to like 23 cards and wanna fill the remaining slots, I look around and see that the 23 are already faction cards and think: "should I go devotion?….but wait is there aaaany sort of reward for going devotion with my deck?…" the answer is 95% of the time a big fat NO…and at that point you know the drill, maybe a xavier or a heatwave maybe a low cost spores for good measure (leads to less variety and creativity bcuz most people run those anyways)

So…there are many cards that are on the high end of memey and with a little push could become something playable and viable. So I would find it very reasonable to start with like 2 cards from each faction that already read: " *do this mildly threatening thing*" and add to it " devotion: *be actually more of a viable threat* instead"

In my opinion it would add more depth and variety to gameplay through this decision making in the deck builder. Would like to hear your opinions on this


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