PhD research on MOBAs roles and aggression – 5 min questionnaire. Would really appreciate your help!

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Hello r/Dota2! We're 2 PhD students reading Intelligent Games and Games Intelligence (basically video games research), investigating the correlation between trait aggression and choice of roles played in MOBA games.

We're inviting you to fill in a quick survey/questionnaire to determine your personality and provide us with your Dota ID (This is NOT your Steam login so please don't worry!) So that we can access your OpenDota profile to determine the roles (Pos 1,2, etc) you have played. We will then use this data and your questionnaire answers to investigate this correlation.

The platform is mobile friendly, and all data will be kept anonymous – we will not be publishing any raw data (only aggregate summaries) so you can't be identified whatsoever.

We'll keep you updated too on what we find, and we'll be sharing our findings here with the community!

Thank you for your help – It's really appreciated! Just drop me a message if you have any questions.

Link is here:


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