Philippe Van Moorlehem Giving Doomed to Units is Just Not Right

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I know people probably will downvote this post to oblivion because not many will care since he doesn't get a lot of plays too nowadays, but I just want to say this, just like some reddit users stated in here around 3 months ago that Philippe new rework is somewhat problematic. Since its 8 provision & 6 power, he is basically a fortune teller, alba cavalry, or fangs of the empire order engine all in one, now I don't want to discuss his lock or poison per turn ability (that already got discussed a lot of times already), instead it's his doomed ability, the doomed order per turn can ruin the entire Madoc deck gameplan in one turn since he can easily give Madoc doomed so it will get banished if opponent clicked the order ability, in other cases most SK decks are also get a disadvantage with this since SK usually relying on resurrecting units, some MO deck can get a disadvantage too by this, I know he is slow tempo since he only able to use 1 order per turn, but giving unit doomed for NG card just doesn't sit right to me, it just doesn't fit for a vampire card, even though its NG vampire, not Monster, and Philippe doesn't have that much lore to support him to be able to do that doomed ability too, but I still prefer instead of giving a unit doomed, I think by giving a no status unit bleeding 1 or 2 fits more to his order ability and also it sticks to the lore too since he's a vampire, if Van Moorlehem Hunter deploy melee ability will give unit bleeding 2 then why it's not the same thing to him too?.

That's it, I don't know how people will respond to this, but I can feel a bit of relief now after saying the card rework that bothers me the most in this game in the past 3 months.


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