[Philosophy] “Cheating” is a valid playstyle – just like exfil camping.

I'm going to crosspost a comment I wrote in response to somebody complaining about "cheaters" being "mentally unwell" for "bullying" other players. The main thrust of my argument is that all which is permissible is acceptable. I've discussed these ideas with my local spiritual leaders (leaving my specific religion unnamed – please don't turn this into a hateful discussion) and they have confirmed I'm on the right track. Aside: If there are any military veterans on this forum, your input is particularly appreciated.

Now the comment:

Bullying is extremely common behavior among healthy males. The entire purpose of the game is to defeat other people. What cheaters do is violate the social contract that exists within the game to accomplish the same ends everyone else is striving for. They are *transcending* Tarkov in a sense, by shitting on you using all available mechanics, highly technical methods far more impressive than the noble plebeian's trained point-and-click dexterity. I recommend studying the state-building tactics of Israel and the surrounding protocols adopted by Zionists around the world to familiarize yourself with this "winner's" mindset. In the real world, there are only "cheaters" (winners – those willing to seize the reigns of power by whichever force necessary) and "losers" (those who complain endlessly of whoever can play a broken game better than they can).

So next time someone jumps 20 feet into the air and sprays your face as you sillyslap into the ground, just remember: "This is a life lesson. I am learning. I must die for Israel."

Hope that helps,

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/i7gno1/philosophy_cheating_is_a_valid_playstyle_just/

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