Piece of shit jackpot

witcher gwent cards

Wtf is wrong with this leader you may ask well just play prorank and play like a human being and you will discover how busted it is in every aspect from overpowered synergys beyond messures KoB and Savolla combo, coin mechanic being abused as hell to the only faction who have access to poison that is super good and playable in the meta for 4 provisions 4 cards (fisstech,trafficker). Also you can wipe a board with 18 damage on 1 round with "Whoreson's Freak Show" and leader. Feel free to add more sorry for not mentioning every issue you lads can add in more.

When I play against this I don't play a cardgame vs a human being no I play vs a cheatbot lvl 1000 grandmaster boomer or atleast that is what it feels like. I know there are many players who don't even play for top 64 and spam this piles on prorank for whatever reason probably to think they are 5Head at a children's cardgame and being delusional winning vs better players then themselves to feel good.

What is the point of playing a cardgame if there is no thought or strategy behind it and your deck is just busted there is no point playing and that there is no real counter to it in the meta (you can correct me if I am wrong with no counter matchups).

This is my rant on SY the worst thing that happend to gwent since homecoming imo thanks for reading <3
p.s except from wholesome (congregate swarm) 🙂

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