PING BAN… Tarkov is only for the privileged. Pay to play, no poors/less fortunate allowed…

My story

I'm an american overseas worker aka "Contractor" (I will not go into detail). I come home to see my family only a few months out of the year (No gaming while I'm home). I'm at the mercy of my companies provided internet or even tethering the local 4G/LTE off my phone in order to play Tarkov. For the past several years everything has worked out just fine, no rubber banding, no one claiming I'm cheating. Even teaming with people in the states has been fine as well. My ping has been as low as mid 80's (on russian servers) and just recently due to a new job at a new location it has been 195-217 on LAN (US servers) and 135-195 on 4G/LTE tether (ASI servers). I primarily played on LAN for less ping spikes and higher bandwidth, so I can use discord with my friends.

For several years I was an avid player who craved the satisfaction of the win, the very realistic and smooth weapons handling enabled me to use my real life skills to dominate the opposition. Hell, I even talked several people into buying the EOD version of the game and in some cases I even gave people money to purchase the EOD version of the game. I truly loved the game and browsed Reddit EVERYDAY to keep my friends and myself up-to-date with hot news and dank MEMEs.

The problem

While playing with my friends for the last time and sorting our gear, after a day of wrecking people, we were chatting about how smooth and natural it felt to now play together. We were finally synced and running smooth as a squad.. good call-outs, covering our angels of fire, dominating with speed and accurate fire. The next day we get on discord and gear up, squad up and click READY. Once we load in and within seconds I get a "quality of connection disconnect"…. WTF? I try to reconnect as my friends guard my player… "Ok, I'm in. That was weird", I said. We start moving together thinking it was a weird glitch, then all of a sudden.. another "quality of connection disconnect". My friends and I take to reddit to look for announcements about glitches or for another even lower ping ban…. we came up with nothing. I ended up having to hide in a bush, back out of the raid and and close the game. I just went to bed thinking it was a weird glitch or an internet issue here at work.

I believe it was the next day when my friend messaged me on discord.. "Nikita lowered the ping limit to 180, you have been PING BANNED bud", he said. My heart dropped… my last conversation with my friends about how well we have been playing together echoed in my head "Nikita… WTF?", I yelled out loud. Now I'm sitting alone overseas and not being able to play with my friends or even able to play the game at all. For the very first time at work I felt alone and cut off. I literally stopped using my PC for an entire week, I couldn't go near it. The PING BAN hasn't stopped cheaters at all and has only effected dedicated players with the misfortune of having shity internet. BSG is taking the easy way out instead of being creative, they need to come up with a different solution or possibly a better ping compensation algorithm.

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