Planning on getting into Elite

I'm planning on getting Elite on my PC and have sooooooo many questions about it. Google isn't helping me so I'm hoping y'all can. For one, Idk if I should get it on Steam or from the developers website, which one is better? Two, are most interactions (bounty hunting, piracy, etc) dealing with npcs or other players? Quite frankly, i hope it's mostly npcs lol (I play Eve Echoes and I sometimes need a break from all the interaction with other human beings). Three, is it play to win? I've heard about needing to buy the ability to land on planets but I also heard that there's no need to pay for the full spectrum of the game.

I use a vivo book s15, quad core i7 10th gen, and 16 GB of ram. (Not sure of graphics card). Would that be good enough to run it on fairly high graphics?

Edit: Thanks for all the responses y'all! Very helpful! When my laptop is finished getting repaired I'll look into it more


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